OurBoss.sg seeks to provide the best quality of frozen supplies in Singapore



To continuously strive in improving the quality of our frozen products while keeping prices competitive and to provide an excellent customer experience to foster long-term engagement


To be the leading frozen food supplier being everyone’s choice for quality food products. We believe that our business is as important as our customers' businesses. Hence, only by achieving customer's satisfaction, can we truly experience success.

Business Model

OurBoss.sg shares unique strategic partnerships with overseas suppliers Unique partnerships enable timely procurement as well as top notch quality products for shipments

Key Information

  • Logistical Business for Frozen Food
  • Core business model is to serve corporates and local businesses, mainly supplying frozen food to large scale kitchens / F&B Outlets / Hotels / Supermarkets
  • Currently is expanding into B2C segment such as Individuals / Households or Events
  • OurBoss serves its customers through an online platform via a Corporate Website or through various Sales representatives
  • Strategic connections and partnerships established with overseas suppliers and slaughterhouses

1,000 kg of meat supplied per day and serving up to 200 local businesses

Supplying top-notch frozen food to B2B and B2C Customers

Organizational Chart & Key Management Profile

OurBoss.Sg shares unique strategic partnerships with overseas suppliers Unique partnerships enable timely procurement as well as top notch quality products for shipments

  • Muhamed Rizal Rasudin, PBM
    Rizal Rasudin PBM
    Managing Director

    I was appointed as the Managing Director of OurBoss Pte Ltd and Boss Production Pte Ltd in April 2019.

    I have been influential to the blueprint and the growth of the businesses ever since my appointment. As the co-founder of OurBoss Pte Ltd in the first quarter of 2020 with a paid-up capital of SGD500,000, I play a vital role in the company’s success so far, including the multifariousness and the development of the company’s business model.

    Under my leadership and guidance, OurBoss has accumulated sales up to SG$2.67 million in the first quarter of its operations. I laid out key strategic plans for the company to establish the company as a key regional player for logistical frozen food supplies. Together with Boss Production Pte Ltd, I foster the two companies as I slowly build new revenue streams for sustainable growth in the future.

    Prior to my current appointment, I had spent 6 years in a property management company based in Singapore, where I serviced condominiums and tier-two properties. With my supervision, I managed a total of 45 estates with a turnover of SGD7,200,000.

    I have accumulated 15 years in Grassroot leadership. In recognition of my continued efforts and determination, I now sit as the Chairman of Admiralty CSC. I shaped my team and led them to success until we were awarded the Platinum Award this year. In addition, I represent Singapore in the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) as a member of the Social Responsibility Committee. I was also involved in the inaugural Football Association of Singapore (FAS) election.

    I have conferred the Prime Minister Award for Community Initiative back in 2018 and was also honored with Pingat Bakti Masyarakat (PBM) by President Halimah Yacob the following year. I was awarded Outstanding Grassroots Leader in 2017 and Most Promising Grassroots Leader in 2015. Moreover, I am currently a Member of the Sembawang Town Council.

  • Mohamed Muzammil
    Mohamed Muzammil
    Associate Director

    He currently manages the Sales & Investment Relations for OurBoss.sg. He holds a wealthy amount of experience in the Banking and Consultancy Industry with Robert Walters Singapore, Citibank Singapore and Malayan Bank Berhad. He currently serves as a Committee member of the Football Association of Singapore (Security).

    He was awarded Top Consultant 2018 in Robert Walters and was also part of the Best Team in 2017. Prior to his time in Robert Walters, he was also awarded several times the top Relationship Manager in Citibank and Malayan Bank Berhad.

  • Nora Ismail
    Business Development Manager

    Equipped with strong sales acumen, she is responsible for typing up key strategic partnerships and business development for OurBoss.sg. She holds a wealthy amount of experience in the Media Industry with 20 years of tenure under MediaCorp Radio and TV (15 years as an actress, Radio Deejay and Radio Sales & Advertising).

    A good 20 years in the media industry maintaining and securing accounts that ranges between $500 - $1million of advertising dollars per year. She sees through her client’s campaigns till they achieve their desired goals. Lastly, she was also nominated as Best Newcomer(Actress) for Suria in 1999.

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